I love it, I absolutely love it. My mom always bought me random kitchen items since I was a junior in high school. It started out with an espresso machine then it was a Belgium Waffle Maker and then it was the Braun Hand Blender. All of which I have and still use today … over ten years later. It’s key when you want to cook for enjoyment that you surround yourself in good tools. Over the course of the years there have been two that stand out in my mind as superior kitchen items I would not live without. My KitchenAid Mixer and my Breadman Bread Maker. But this post will focus on the love of the bread machine. : )

Generic, store, square bread, which should only be good to transform you back to old school for grilled cheese day or bologna with Miracle Whip, costs anywhere from $1.50-$2.00 depending on sale prices. Regular, good bread is about $3.00 and my favorite bread is $3.50-$3.99. That’s ridiculous.

To make a loaf of bread it costs less than a buck. You can make so many different kinds of bread too … and I shouldn’t limit myself to only saying bread. Bagels, rolls, pizza doughs, pretzels. Anything carb can be done in there, even cakes!

My one son is allergic to dairy, not lactose intolerant, allergic to dairy. I had this same issue growing up, fortunately for me there is many more soy options. Not so fortunate for my pocket book. (I solved this by buying soy milk powder at the organic store.) Anyways, most breads contain milk and with the bread machine there are so many different recipes that don’t require milk.

Both of my kids love the cinnamon raisin bread and guess what … There’s NO sugar in it! It’s great.

Anyways, spend the $90 for the best kitchen help one could ask for. Do it!