Steamer I remember when and why I got my first steamer. It’s a very nice one from Williams Sonoma that I purchased in Las Vegas one night when I wanted to make crab legs. I’m pretty sure I was pregnant at the time too, not that’s it relevant. Anyways, I went home and unpackaged the steamer got it all ready, put in my 2 inches of water and got it boiling. Put the crab legs on and this horrible, overwhelming smell of perm solution came about. It was disgusting, the crab legs I had bought earlier that day were in fact bad. However, that being my first time steaming crab it kinda deterred me from doing it for quite awhile afterwards.

We had moved from Vegas and then a few more times and each time we had to bring this large steamer with us. It was nice, we just never used it. One day I decided to try it for corn on the cob I believe it was, some veggie at least. Worked great, so then I started using it more because I like the idea of steam over microwaves. It’s easier than a microwave to be honest.

You fill up the large pot only with about 1-2 inches of water. Turn the stove on to high and let that bad boy boil. There are two strainers/holders in the pot, one large and one small.

So let’s try broccoli, first you cut up the desired amount, put the pan on the stove and once boiled put the broccoli in the small holder and let steam for six minutes. That’s it, just six minutes. Then take it out (no draining needed) add some salt, pepper, garlic and butter and you have some happy eaters. It keeps the color of the broccoli so nicely too.

The steamer is very versatile. You can cook crab legs and all sorts of seafood in there. Crab legs go in the large holder and you steam
them for six minutes as well. These are frozen crab legs done in SIX MINUTES. It’s great.

So go ahead and get yourself a steamer, you’ll appreciate your purchase, I promise.