Misto sprayer Eh, not really but it’d be fun to say five times fast when intoxicated. Misto’s might be one of the funnest kitchen tools to use. You can entertain your kids pumping it up getting ready to spray.

The Misto I have is yet another item my Mom (Liz) got me and I didn’t really like it at first. I was making it too complex and then just got frustrated that it wouldn’t spray out correctly, I later learned I wasn’t pumping it enough.

So I’ve always had it filled up with light olive oil and have for those “just in case” moments. I went to Sam’s Club one day and they have some great deals on kitchen stuff. Sam’s is the best place to buy spices at … and olive oil. I get the rather large gallon+ olive oil from there and pay $25. I bought two over a year ago and haven’t tapped into the second one yet.

I had run out of non-stick spray one night and remembered I had this ridiculous amount of olive oil and that I could just use my Misto. I filled it up and I pumped it really well this time. I could feel the difference in pressure when I was close to being done, something I had not noticed before. I sprayed the pan and it came out beautifully, just like a store bought bottle. I loved it! I haven’t used store bought spray since that day and now only use my Misto.

Store bought is rather expensive too, you figure about $3-4/bottle, generic maybe a dollar cheaper. For $25 for the amount of oil you get you figure it’s about $2-3 to fill up your Misto and it lasts longer I think.

Misto’s range from $8-17 dollars depending if the shell is aluminum or stainless steel. Think about how much better it is for the environment too … less disposal of those nasty cans!

Enjoy Misto Month and Happy Spraying! : )