My name is Kristin and I run this blog mainly for my own recipe archive and it also allows for my inner geek to come out to blog and build online stores, etc.

When I was younger I always helped cook in the kitchen, emptying the dishwasher was my job and no matter how hard my sister tried we both had to clean up after dinner, I usually had to set the table. I was always very content around dinner time and it wasn’t until I grew older that I realized why – good food shared as a family, together. It was a nice time to recap the day with my parents and my sister. The more time I spent in the kitchen the more I wanted to cook and be around good ingredients and appliances. I grew up thinking Kitchen Aid mixers were the standard and having every kitchen tool was normal. I soon realized we had a few more gadgets than others in the kitchen, it was too late though, I was already hooked. By 10th grade I had a Belgium Waffle maker, an Espresso machine by 11th grade and for 12th grade a Braun Hand Blender. It continued and now I have about everything one could need, there are still a lot of more the specialty items I’d love to have, I just don’t need. : )

I loved to cook growing up, I remember being in Gourmet Foods class in high school and wanting to cook for a career. Not sure what fully changed, I think it was the opportunities at the time for culinary students. I went into Marketing in college and for my career yet my passion for cooking has always remained.

Once I had kids I realized the importance of our family dinners we had growing up and I wanted to be able to share that with my family as well. I would cook every night for dinner and then we started cooking even more fresh stuff. We used less cans and packets, my husband and I would try to avoid it at all costs. We also were very careful of proportions so we were not wasting food.

My boys are now ages four and five and they are getting appetites of men. They are eating quite a bit more and expanding their palettes. The youngest I’m pretty sure will be a chef, he already enjoys helping in the kitchen, cooking, and observing everything that goes into a homemade meal.

I wanted to put the recipes online so others could see that a family with both parents working and with two young boys can still find time for dinner together every night and it can just be the simplest recipe that tastes so good.

There are other contributors to the blog and their recipes fall into the same category — quick, good, and for a working family.