With the boys back in school I’m reminded of the groove I need to get myself back into. I find that little things can really help out when you have two kids and time is of the essence. I have to have Caleb at school by the first bell which is 749a, and I don’t take them to school around us, it’s about 20-25 minutes away depending on traffic. So we can’t leave any later than 730a and usually try to make it out by 715a … oh and I’m not a person who really likes to wake up early. So the things I can prepare ahead of time helps prevents rushing around like mad men in the morning.

This week I will go through recipes and tips that are great for children and parents. It’s also about healthy (okay, maybe healthier) eating too. I really want people to realize that food prepared at home with fresh ingredients is not only healthier for your family but cheaper too. Yes, cheaper, much cheaper. So stayed tuned to the blog this week, each and every day and learn how to make foods at home that much easier.

Tip #1:
We send our boys to school with their lunches four out of the five days, they are allowed to buy once a week. Everyday their lunch consists of: Sandwich, some type of chip/pretzel, fruit, drink and sometimes small treat. This tip is for the chips!

Spend 10 minutes one night pre-packaging chips and pretzels for your kids lunches. I find this is great to do when the chip bags are almost gone and helps clean out the pantry of half empty bags. Either use fold sandwich bags, or what I find the best to be is the Ziploc (or generic form of) snack bags. Do up a mixture of bags, zip up and then put them all in a plastic grocery bag. Then when you are making lunches you can just go grab the chip bag and no fuss. It sounds like something so small but you would really be amazed and how much it helps.