Many Uses of the Kitchen Aid Mixer: Meat Grinder

I’d like to talk about the meat grinder attachment that one can use on their Kitchen Aid mixer. It’s a little bit more expensive than I would have thought (and wanted) and I still bought it because I was determined to make Real Bacon Burgers (recipe to be posted next week). I bought it and came home and put it on, pretty easy. This is what it looks like when attached correctly to the mixer:

Meat Grinder

You do not place the bowl where it normally goes, it will have to bet set on your counter underneath the grinder exit to ensure that it catches all the ground up meat. Slowly turn on the mixer (where the beater normally goes will still rotate even though it has no use with the grinder) and place the meat you wish to grind up in the top of the grinder. Use the provided utensil to push the meat through.

Meat Grinder

It’s great, in this picture is ground up bacon.

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