It’s fall time when the selection of apples is plentiful and the weather begins to cool enough that homemade applesauce tastes just perfect.

Get a large selection of apples, they can vary in kind. I prefer Macintosh apples but they are only in season during the fall and hard to find out here in Arizona. I can every now and then and they aren’t cheap. So sometimes it’s good to get a mixture of many apples, saves in money and really adds a good taste.

I use my Apple Slicer to make things much easier. And just push down and it will keep the core separate. Works wonders for $1.99.

Boil water in a large pot. Add as many apples as you wish, however I warn you that to make a decent amount you need about a dozen of apples. It’s worth to make extra as you just store it in the fridge. Is great to send with the kids to school for lunch.

Once they are soft, drain and place back in pot. Mix up well, I use my Braun Hand Blender and still leave some chunks in it. I add cinnamon across the top and mix that up well. Then you are ready to serve. Is delicious with a nice pork loin or shoulder.