This is all done based on how many servings you need. This pasta salad stores very well in the fridge, so having extra isn’t a bad thing. If you need it for a group of people, I would suggest using an entire box of noodles, if it’s just for your family I’d use a couple of cups.

When I get the meats and cheese for this salad, I go to the deli and just ask for an inch thick slab. This allows you to cut it up into cubes rather than slices.


Cook the noodles and run cold water over them. You want to be sure your noodles are cool enough for when you add the cheese and such you don’t want it to melt. Once noodles are cool, add the rest of the ingredients and slowly add the Italian dressing. I suggest adding it slowly because if you add too much it can ruin it, so add some, stir, add more, stir, and so on. It’s so simple…Viola!