Today I am going to share with you what our family is having for Valentine’s Dinner. I decided to do a simple surf n’ turf. I bought two steaks and two lobster tails, if you buy an eight ounce steak and split in two, that’s a perfect portion of meat – four ounces.

On the menu tonight:

Shrimp cocktail with spicy cocktail sauce
NY Strip Steak with bearnaise sauce
Fresh asparagus
Mashed Potatoes
French bread

So this post is a little edited as I add the pictures from dinner. We had a late lunch and so we changed to have no lobster, just too much food. I also planned on grilling but it was too cold, so we pan fried the steak and sauted the asparagus. We thought a nice sauce would be good, so we tried making bearnaise sauce for the first time. It was really good.